Mini-Post: GZDoom 4.10 Windows Build With Bugfixes Backported

(This one’s really short.)

I poked into ZDoom’s Discord today, wondering if anyone had already backported the fix for an annoying resolution setting bug in their current stable version. They hadn’t, but one of the Community Guides made a branch on their fork and did the backport work for me, along with about 50 other bugfixes.

And then I made a 64 bit Windows build from that source tree. This is copied and pasted straight from my Discord message in there about it:

Do keep in mind that this is NOT AN OFFICIAL BUILD OR VERSION. I am also not really related to GZDoom development; I’m just some lady with MSVC installed on her computer. If you have any weird issues, make sure they don’t occur in vanilla 4.10.0 first. If they do, file a bug report like normal. If they don’t, wait for the next official version, probably.
  • June 15, 2023