The new, now with 100% more containers!

I’ve had to do some serious reworking of my infrastructure. I’ve changed my name, changed my domain name, and a bunch of components kept falling apart from lack of maintenance. When this last Ubuntu LTS upgrade occurred, a few more pieces also fell apart, namely NextCloud because I was approximately 5 major versions behind. I needed to put things in containers so they wouldn’t break, and I also needed to start unifying my user database so I didn’t have 11 million passwords just within my personal network, so I’ve needed to deploy SSO again.

Also, with containers, the anxiety I had about using WordPress on the front page just melts away, since the only possible damage they could do is digital graffiti. I’m very much not a designer so this is the theme I’m using.

Use Single Sign On

My previous single sign on realm was a raw Kerberos domain. This is a silly idea. Don’t do this. Use FreeIPA, and attach something like authentik or Keycloak to the front of it so you can use it to sign into the modern web stack-y things. I’m still working on FreeIPA.

The other thing I did with this is I have my avatar sync between NextCloud (where it’s hosted) and other services that support it (which so far is just the Git repository service).

Git Hosting

My previous Git hosting was Gitolite3 with a poorly patched gitweb on the front of it. Now I’m using Gitea, and considering switching to GitLab. Either way, I need a CI pipeline attached to this as well.

  • November 8, 2022